The Graveyard of National Honor – hope you didn’t get an award this year…

Come Republic day, and it is time to appreciate the heroes of our country – the ones who in their own way add to our development and bring pride to our country. And like the crunch of a stone in a biryani of adulterated rice, we have some honors to end honor.

Because guess who are getting awards this year?

Dr. Batra of the hair loss SMS spam fame: Homeopathetic! gets a Padma Shri for his homeopathy.

S P Ankit Garg – of the Soni Sori police custodial torture fame got a bravery award (for sexual torture?)

Two policemen transferred out of Kashmir for human rights abuse were two out of five policemen given Awards by the Army for some reason. SP Altaf Ahmad Khan and DSP Ashiq Hussain Tak both from Sopore

Arun Firodia got a Padma Shri for scamming banks and doing fraud to the tune of 250 crore rupees.

And I didn’t even have to dig much for this. God knows what else is there in that list.

Tired of being furious too. Maybe we are a lost cause :(

Really? Have we completely run out of recognition worthy people in our nation, or are we simply going to do a lucky draw out of anyone who wants one?


  • Vidyut
  • Vidyut has a keen interest in mass psychology and using it as a lens to understand contemporary politics, social inequality and other dynamics of power within the country. She is also into Linux and internet applications and servers and has sees technology as an important area India lacks security in.

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  • Add this to your list, Vidyut
    RTI reveals that CBI and other intelligence agencies fail to check the background of a Padama Shri Awardee

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