Statement by students of IIT Roorkee regarding circumstances of their protest

The students of IIT-Roorkee organized a protest against the violent actions of police in DU, Jamia Millia and AMU in front of the Students Club, IIT-Roorkee at 6:30 pm on 17-12-2019.

However, the protest was organized under a lot of threats and intimidating atmosphere. We were not opposed by a great majority of students here. It’s only a handful of extremist guys here who oppose every event which is not conducted under their instructions. Events and ideas opposed to their ideology are impossible to be conducted. They disobey everyone, even the director. They are informed about each and every event by some people in the administration as if they are the real authorities and people who manage IIT-Roorkee. It’s no exaggeration to say that only a handful of people run the whole institute at the ground level. It’s a sad reality of one of the imminent and oldest institute of the nation.

In thisparticular incident when a group students from Kashmir toKanyakumari, cutting across religious and every other possibledifference went straight to the administration(DOSW) for permissionto conduct a silent and peaceful protest to express solidarity withstudents who were victimized by police in Delhi. They refusedcategorically, saying “this is a political issue”. In fact, latera yet another larger and more diverse group asked for permission.This time students were asked to get 100 signatures and give inwriting that no violence will happen. This is even after we ourselvesrequested for a place and timing of IIT administration’s choosingand that IIT security staff will accompany our protest. Since, thestudents persisted, pleaded and questioned such anti-studentattitude, the DOSW changed their stance and said that they areapproving our event once we give something in written. We wrote aletter in this regard and asked permission to be formally given. Wewere told the administration was processing our request.

Relieved westarted waiting for the official approval letter. To our surprise,the same extremist bigot gang barged into the office openlythreatening us! They were open, brazen and categorically denying anyprotest or candle light march we wanted to be conducted. Thesestudents promised violence. We waited for 90 minutes in suchatmosphere. The letter was nowhere in sight. In the end when wepersisted, these guys agreed for our protest to be formally executedonly if;

There will not bea March.

No mention ofGovernment or Police or any University. Specifically, DU, Jamia , orAMU

No slogans.

No mention of CAAor NRC

Theadministration was happy to be on their side and allowed them toconduct a separate protest after allowing them to “monitor” ours.The only thing administration asked them to comply with was noplacards that display any message related to NRC/CAA or Jamia/DU/AMU.

We agreed sincewe did not want to be identified as having something of a hiddenagenda.

Permission was granted.

Our protest wascompletely peaceful. All sections of the IIT society: Faculty,students, men and women from all faiths, regions attended it. A lotof security was around us and even some people in plain clothes. Thebigots and extremist gang was outside the students club, “monitoring”and jeering.

We did ourprotest and left.

This is the kind of democracy and protests IIT-R students are allowed. The goons conducted a protest and of course, defied all so called conditions they agreed. And as can be heard in the above video, brazenly dream of burning everything! The bravery and decency of the people who went through all this is the true IIT-Roorkee and democratic spirit. These goons are a nuisance. Interested in polarizing and threatening only. But of course a darling of many in the administration. The saddest part is that they surrounded IITians: staff, girls and others with these goons just outside our protest venue. Our girls led our protest even in such atmosphere. The administration is their informer and we say it again, they have openly disregarded even the director’s orders on numerous times.

  • Vidyut
  • Vidyut has a keen interest in mass psychology and using it as a lens to understand contemporary politics, social inequality and other dynamics of power within the country. She is also into Linux and internet applications and servers and has sees technology as an important area India lacks security in.

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