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Unconscious dynamics in Kashmir

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Unconscious processes are those we are not aware of. Before all the high IQ internetizens assault me, let me say, most of what we do is unconscious. We are automatically reacting to many things which come to action only if there seems to be no automatic response possible, or if something unexpected happens. Like, you …

Deconstructing Kashmir's heroes

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Please note: This article is specifically about the human rights abuses and rapes in Kashmir as distinct from the larger conflict around Kashmir. I see them as victims of crime, and collecting their suffering for the purpose of a political struggle is putting it on indefinite hold till the political issue is resolved. Yet another …

On Kashmir and what they want

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This is in reply to an email thanking me for supporting Kashmir’s struggle for freedom. Let me get this right. I am NOT supporting Kashmir’s struggle for freedom. I think its a stupid idea. I believe that Kashmir is being brainwashed for an evil political agenda. However, I accept that my opinion is irrelevant. I …

Wikileaky Kashmir – Abuses, Human rights

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The much awaited dirt on India in Kashmir is finally out – abuse, human rights… the usual, but from yet another source. Among the cables released by Wikileaks we have several which help us see the situation in Kashmir through the eyes of an interested, but uninvolved perspective. The Guardian has published a wonderful writeup. …