Business Management colleges should learn from Vibrant Gujarat Summits

A mind boggling 21,000 MOUs appear to have been signed at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit this year. Considering that this was a three day event and assuming it covered 12 hours a day and assuming people were signing MOUs left, right and center from the word go, it computes to a mind boggling 9.7 MOUs per minute or about one MOU signed per 6 seconds – every minute of the event.

Unless this is a “Narendra Modi rescues 15,000 Gujaratis from Uttarakhand floods” type news, it probably took a whole team of people to even record any MOUs happening accurately, let alone facilitating. Gujarat Government should disclose details of how they enabled such a miracle in the interest of enabling business knowledge in India.

I am a complete dud, so if any reader wants to explain even the basics to me in the comments, I’d be much grateful. Questions particularly plaguing my curiosity are:

  1. What is an MOU and what goes into signing one?
  2. Which are the parties that have to sign/witness it?
  3. How are signed MOUs recorded?
  4. How much time was actually provided for this signing?
  5. What sort of staff arrangements had to be made to even make something like this possible?

Many thanks.