Musical communal harmony?

Visited a friend. Was delighted…. and surprised to find “Teri Deewani” blaring at full volume. Oh how I love that album.

It was quite unexpected, because I had always associated this woman with hardcore Indian classical. In fact, I don’t remember her singing much of film songs at all. In fact, she’s more likely to have Bhimsen Joshi in her drawer than Asha Bhonsale. Never heard her say a thing in favour of Muslims. No hate, more a conservative “Not our kind of people”. Clueless about modern songs – she hasn’t exited the ’60s…. I remarked this.

She shrugs, “This is Indian classical, no? You think Arabs sing like that? If it makes you happy, this is a Sufi Abhang happening right now”…. Allah ke bande playing in the background.

Fantabulous song. Sure. Sufi Abhang?!!? Well…. why not?

ROFL. Music does make hearts meet. What are small things like what religion it symbolizes?

And it brought us closer too. I. JUST. LOVE. THAT. ALBUM.

*Abhang is a kind of Marathi devotional poetry/music in praise of Lord Vitthal (Vitthoba). Think Eknath/Dnyaneshwar or Pandit Bhimsen Joshi belting out at 1000 volts. Hardcore, traditional, Marathi, Hindu, worship.


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