On Language and Communication

An old email in a group I participate in, had this woman write something really wonderful, in less than perfect English. Frankly, I had no problem with it, but when people praised her, this is what she wrote: Well I’m a bit shy and my english is also not so good and to add to it I get very little time for mails so I may not respond frequently but I do catch up whenever I get…

"On Language and Communication"

Interview with Dr. Gaurav Chhabra

I got the opportunity to interview the filmmaker of the indie film InkLab that was released online yesterday Watch Film>> The filmmaker Dr. Gaurav Chhabra happens to be a good friend and a person I admire, so this was a great time to do an interview. I am inexperienced with doing interviews, so …. this is what it is, tidied up from a chat. It isn’t edited as such, so its an informal conversation. Lets…

"Interview with Dr. Gaurav Chhabra"

InkLab – When Megabyte is the new dynamite!

  In the digital age where Megabyte is the new dynamite and power of ideas and connectivity cannot be ignored, this is an experiment in the Lab of thoughts – Ink lab. Set in the sociopolitical scenario when India is fighting against corruption and a successful mass movement has already build up all across the nation, this 65 min. guerilla film on the issue of Corruption explores how the power of idea and thoughts of…

"InkLab – When Megabyte is the new dynamite!"

Horrible reporting from India on Wikileaks

Short post. Let me summarize that too. A vast majority of newspapers from India are running Wikileaks stories with inaccurate facts – particularly related with Pakistan. There is more sensationalism and no insight. Most of the newspapers are not linking to the original cables, so readers have no way of verifying what is being spoken about. Indian media is now a nationalism flavored branch of Bollywood.

"Horrible reporting from India on Wikileaks"

Indian Media!!! I can’t believe this!!!

Awesome, Isn’t it? How much of a fool can the media make of themselves? The whole Mumbai nightmare has been faithfully punctuated by bad reporting by the media. One terrorist killed at Taj. Seven. uh, it was two. Two! Which two? I thought four…. but that wasn’t at Taj! That was at Oberoi……… If you look at my post that takes a look at how many terrorists were reported dead by the media, you wouldn’t…

"Indian Media!!! I can’t believe this!!!"