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A woman was gangraped when she resisted a dacoity in a local train in Burdwan district. Here’s what Mamata had to say on the matter.


rape cases are on a rise in the country because men and women interact with each other more freely now

There was no evidence of rape in the medical report. CPI-M has conspired to fabricate the story of rape,” she told reporters at Writers’ Buildings.

Then of course, if the woman happens to have a long dead husband who supported another party, her rape is dismissed as fiction.

“A complaint of rape has been filed. Nothing has been found in the medical report. Where is the evidence? I do not think any incident of rape has taken place. I hear a political party, of which the woman’s husband is a supporter, has planned to use its workers to cry rape,” Banerjee said.

When a journalist of a leading Bengali News Channel was beaten up:

A journalist of a leading Bengali news channel was beaten up allegedly by Trinamool Congress workers in Jadavpur area in Kolkata on Tuesday. However, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called it a “cooked up” case to garner more TRPs than rival channels.

On farmer suicides, she directly contradicts the one authoritative source of suicide statistics in the country – the National Crime Records Bureau (suicide is a crime in India and gets recorded by them):

“Not a single farmer has died due to falling prices. The deaths of 12 persons were due to personal problems with their personal debts running into crores.” Mamata also tried to draw her defence from the farmer deaths during the Left Front rule, claiming that 378 farmers had committed suicide between 2008 and 2010.

More on farmer suicides

“People who have run into debt for the past four to five years and end their life are being branded as farmers. This is a conspiracy. People are being told that if a post-mortem will be conducted and a case lodged anyway, why not claim he is a farmer. These are lies,” Mamata said at the inauguration of Subhas Mela at Kankurgachi.

On Infant deaths:

“In Bengal, 40,000 infants died every year, comrade. When 40,000- 46 000 died in your time, you couldn’t see? Suddenly you are waking up to infant deaths?” said Mamata Banerjee at rally of her Trinamool Congress party today.

And of course, the devil is in the details:

In just 48 hours, 15 babies have died in a government hospital in Malda, West Bengal. The government quibbles that it is 11 deaths in two days, not 15, a number no less shocking.

When members of her party were arrested by the police for rioting:

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee in an unusual intervention stormed a local police station late Sunday night and ensured the release of two of her party members who were allegedly arrested for rioting an hour earlier, Times Now reported.

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