Lokpal Bill – Voices in Support

Twittering a storm. Wade through this if you’re looking for catchy words or profound thoughts to spread the message.


Stand with #annahazare to tackle #corruption in India. Sign the @Avaaz petition for the Jan #Lokpal Bill!avaaz.org/en/stand_with_…


jainnimit Nimit Jain

by VaradVarenya
“I appeal to Anna Hazare to end the fast.” – Pranab M. “I appeal to Indian Government to end Corruption.” – #AnnaHazare

shekharkapur Shekhar Kapur

by VaradVarenya
There is no revolution without momentum. The fire must spread beyond one man or one group n burn brightly for the whole nation

kunalmajumder Kunāl Majumder

AnnaHazare & Co also brought in the RTI act and NREGA. Why there was no problem with those, why do u oppose a bill against corruption?
janlokpal Ind Against Corrupt

An emotional appeal against corruption from Sharmila Tagore Pataudi that she hopes will touch the heart of our…http://fb.me/Ffoc8jOs

ranvirshorey Ranvir Shorey

ROFL! “@tehelkadotcom#annahazare Ramdev says government is delaying the process because they can’t find 5 non-corrupt ministers.”

kunalmajumder Kunāl Majumder

If India against Corruption is undemocratic, then Indian Freedom Struggle was undemocratic! #JanLokPal

SunilMalhotra Sunil Malhotra

by madversity
Warning at candle march for change: “Your candles may be blown out by by the winds of change.”

abhishekrungta Abhishek Rungta

My 100% support to #AnnaHazare for his movement to bring in civic participation in drafting #JanLokPal bill. Support democracy in India 🙂

anuragkumarlko Anurag Kumar

those who claim to know much about #janlokpal bill and opposing it be prepared I will ask you surprise questions

syamjee Syamjee

Why we are supporting #AnnaHazare ? Not just for#JanLokPal. Finally we saw a Gandhi cap wearer sacrificing for us, yes, for the nation

neerajs Neeraj S

We are far behind Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain , Yemen .. We have not shown guts in fighting against corruption.#Annahazare#Janlokpal

Susri1210 Sujata Srinath

All of us have faced corruption…and our politicians have dillydallied for 42 years…we have reached the limit of patience#janlokpal

cr4321 Ramachandran C

Majority opposition parties have expressed support – though they are not allowed to join in. #janlokpal

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