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  • About Vidyut

    Vidyut has a keen interest in mass psychology and using it as a lens to understand contemporary politics, social inequality and other dynamics of power within the country. She is also into Linux and internet applications and servers and has sees technology as an important area India lacks security in.

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      Respected Sir,

      Today after eleven years of walking in golf ground I was asked for ID card and when I didn’t produce I was asked to get out of the golf ground by the security on the gate. It triggered few things in the mind.

      The golf club which is in the city center is so called railway property and as there could not be anything else it is made a golf ground and then it was only golf ground then later a wave of ‘why this open space is to be spared only for one not soo practiced sport in the town, railway officers strategically moved the Officers Quarters to the golf ground. Now the old quarters are lying unused in the town. In nut shell the entire space of ground and quarters at two places are just occupied by railways. The question on the first hand why soo much space in city center is to be occupied by the largest public sector and kept away from public using or kept as many restrictions so that general public cannot enter it freely. On the contrary an annual subscription was demanded for the walking here as well.

      My question for self understanding is;
      1. Why the public sector have open space for its officers’ luxury in heart of city and deprive the general public of the town from using this space as public roads or public utility and make them suffer from reaching a place surrounding it and also do not allow them to use it for just a morning walk or going there for fresh air. Why the officers to behave like british officers in this country against the own countryman or citizens.
      2. Why it is used as their private property, and trouble the public.
      3. Why public is made to feel small in front of a security person and made to feel like a thief, if not produced a id card.
      4. If that is the case why it should not be shifted to outskirts of Hubli, and use it for Government hospitals or other utility offices within city limits and make people commute less for its utility.
      5. If it is to be kept then what should be done for public utility.
      6. And why the authority of the town keeping quite on this aspect.
      7. Why a general public early morning given a feeling that he or she is going for the walking to some ones (officers) house. Coz, it is pretended like that on the gate by the gunned securities.

      These are few queries I have in mind and desire the answer for the same. I like to escalate this matter to all possible controlling authorities in this country. I thank the security guard who has triggered this thought in my mind this morning by 5.45 am when I came for walking whit spouse. And on several request of confirmation of producing the ID by next day morning, he chased me out of the place.


      Hubli Resident



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