Live Monitoring information for Fukushima

Here are the two live cameras that show the Fukushima Daichii Nuclear Plant live, round the clock.

Most of my screenshots of happenings there come from these.

This is TEPCO’s camera installed on the plant.

Below is the camera by TBS/JNN which is on the hill facing Fukushima Daichii about ten kilometers from the plant.

Here is a link to check the current weather and wind patterns:

This site has weather, climate and earthquake information:

In addition to these, there are time lapse archives of the footage recorded on the TEPCO Camera, which can be really handy to check back on what happened: This compresses an hour into fifteen minutes

and compresses an hour into three minutes as well as other interesting clips of anything that is captured on the camera.

There are no specific archives for the TBS/JNN camera, but a few users often post interesting captures from both cameras (and other live cameras in the area). These videos can be useful in understanding something, as they create them well with the area to watch marked or magnified, sometimes color edited versions that improve contrast that makes something difficult to see more visible:

So yes, that is it. All the resources to check what is happening currently in one place.

Do share if you find something interesting.

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