Kill not the terrorists?

Ok, yet another post inspired by happenings related with the Mumbai terror situation.

Came across this photo – Photo from AP Photo by Ajit Solanki – Daylife from a rally in Ahmedabad by local Muslims protesting the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Nice white pigeons being freed as a symbolic peace message. While I admire the fact that there was a rally to protest the attacks, I’m more than apalled at the message in the photo: “atankwadi nahi atank ko khatm karo” – Finish terror, not the terrorists!!!???!!!

If they have been looking at their TVs, how do they propose to finish the terror without finishing those terrorists? And why is there a placard raised for them not to be killed anyway? These 10 guys killed almost 200 innocent people indiscriminately. Obviously if possible, they would be captured alive for information. So why protest if they obviously need to be killed to be stopped? Or should there have been a hundred more victims for them not to be killed?

Don’t tell me that killing these bastards also counts as an opression of Indian Muslims!

Really, we need to get a handle and some kind of rational perspective on sympathy for terrorists.

PS: In all honesty, I think it is someone with an inadequate grasp of what it conveys who wrote it. They probably meant to finish terror and not just stop at the terrorists. I hope so.

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