Kashmir blazing in political fires?

By | September 18, 2010

While I’ve been reading the antics of Madame Mehbooba with some irritation, I still considered her selfish, but part of those wishing the well being of Kashmir.

The constant attacks on Omar, seemed to be a part of political opportunism. It was rather shocking to read that an important leader of the PDP was injured today while leading a stone pelting mob indulging in arson!

Now I wonder how much of Kashmir’s suffering is due to the separatists directly and how much is the PDP selling Kashmiris in their bid for power. While the PDP is not expected to embrace Omar, surely it is expected to act in the interests of the well being of the people and the country?

Utterly disgusting.

Its easy to blame Omar, but the neglect he gets blamed for is the Indian policy on Kashmir. He is doing what he can, but he doesn’t have many choices in this situation. Its utterly ridiculous to constantly devalue him, unless people don’t want the conflict to end. Even if he is utterly useless, this is not the time to create breaches in the government.

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