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By | April 17, 2011

A month after tragedy lashed Japan, people still aren’t done searching bodies. The debris is beyond measure and the government is looking for assistance from other districts in cleaning it.

How do you begin tidying up something like this?

The nation that was stunned into shock with an earthquake of 9.0 magnitude on the Richter scale still continues to be in shock. As you see, entire towns and villages were washed away. Roads too. The earthquake damaged infrastructure to such an extent that it is a tasteless joke to begin cataloging it in one post.

The Japan Earth Quake has changed how we see disaster and frankly, it has shaken the world with regard to our survival. Questions about nuclear safety, radioactive contamination, the futures of those who have literally walked out of their homes of a lifetime are accompanied by more urgent questions as to the safety of the workers battling the nuclear crisis at Japan’s Daichi plant. There are questions being raised about how to manage manpower for the time it is going to take to

Suffice it to say that the death toll is now 13,700. Entire towns have been ravaged so that they are reduced to massive Japan Earthquake Debris Dumps. Trains have gone missing! No one has gotten around to estimating damage the people have suffered. The tsunami that followed teh earthquake took out the generators and triggered a crisis which so far is a race against time and spewing radiation into the environment.

Hundreds of thousands have been evacuated from near the nuclear plant gone rogue to add to the millions displaced by the tsunami.

Japan is in a bad shape and it has a big fight to return back to normalcy, if at all it is possible. Nightmares and memories of loss are going to send their aftershocks for a long, long time.

If you are religious minded, its a good time to pray for them. If you are atheist, being aware and looking for opportunities to help out never hurt.

It has been a difficult time recently with crisis after crisis around the globe, but it is true that in times of crisis, it is man who comes to the aid of man. If you can find ways to help, please do, and tell us here, so that more may join you. If you can donate, there are many organizations operating relief efforts there. Please do open your hearts and minds and KNOW that we all are far better off right now, even if low on funds. We CAN spare some.

Some organizations actively asking for donations for Japan Disaster Relief:

  1. British Red Cross
  2. American Red Cross
  3. Australian Red Cross
  4. Mercy Corps – help survivors of Japan Earthquake
  5. Save the children
  6. Medical Team International
  7. Medecins Sans Frontiers
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