Lynching of two boys in Sialkot and a raw look at humanity

A heart-breaking, hair raising piece by Fazi Zaka in the Tribune begins thus:

Pakistan, you are a failed state. Not because of Zardari. Not because of America. But because you are a failed people, all of us undeserving of sympathy. We are diseased, rotten to every brain stem, world please make an impenetrable fence around us, keep us all in so we don’t spread it to other people, other countries.

Two brothers Muneeb and Mughees were lynched on suspicion of being thieves in Sialkot, Pakistan. Badly brutalized, tortured at length by a rabid crowd and toyed with, till they died. The whole incident has been shot by someone on their phone. The crowd watched the entertainment. Blood sport.

What is this human nature that is so devoid of compassion? What happens to people when they come together as mobs? Or is it that bullies tend to become mobs to inflict their psychopathic agendas better?

A part of me wants to dismiss this for being in Pakistan, but honesty compels me to admit that cruelty is a human failing. We have our own share of mobs decimating people. And we do little that will discourage future mobs. Why do we not prevent? What part of us wants that killing to happen, perhaps so that we may point fingers at the inhumanity and claim human compassion in our own name?

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