Internet Relationships

With more and more of the world being connected to the internet and more and more portability in the devices used, the internet consumes a large part of our lives. On the other hand, daily stresses and lack of time mean that we are able to spend less and less free time in our offline lives. I hesitate to use the word real instead of offline, because I am not certain that online life is any less real.

And with this time spent online, we meet new people and influence them, absorb new influences, we amuse ourselves with their antics or we enjoy the attention of others on what we do. With each interaction, relationships are mushrooming all over our virtual lifes and adding vibrant color to what would otherwise be the dull gray of information.

As I became more and more active in the virtual social world, I made many unexpected discoveries, which got me thinking about the nature of relationships online. Not much work has been done exploring these. And I found myself curious as to how things were for others.

This project looks at various aspects of internet relationships and attempts to provide insights about them that would be useful to anyone with an online life.

I have an ongoing interest in people. In another sense, I continue my study of people into a different environment and study the impact of its unique features on the participants in the survey.

Unless otherwise stated, all observations are mine. Any references to the physical world as “real” must not be taken as an inference that the online world is opposite.

There is no specific structure. Rather, I am taking my guides from what people want do discover based on their choices of words, the kinds of subjects they respond readily to and stated opinions.

A diversity of views is invited through twittersations (twitter conversations :P) – largely because they happen very fast and are easily archived.  I am seeing these as a kind of feedback and insights about the handling of the interviews and information. Opinions in these tweets belong to the Tweep making them. I don’t make any claims to have collected absolutely every view either.

I am going to try and run some polls/surveys for more reliable data that can be referenced. Let’s see.

Lastly, the playground is the internet – specifically, its social aspect – social networking sites, blogs, forums, etc. Where interaction is involved.

Here is to hoping this turns out to be a useful effort.

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