Indian media has lost it totally

Today is the day the Commonwealth Games open, and the media is quite morose about it. Worse, it will not allow anyone to find joy through their stories. The ‘reporting’ is still about lack of facilities, empty hostels, disappointments, controversy……

I don’t know the reason behind this utterly schizophrenic behaviour, but now I suspect its more about a grudge with the country than reporting. I totally refuse to believe that on the day of the opening of the Commonwealth Games, absolutely nothing worth cheering is happening. I’d expect this kind of ill will toward the Indian establishment from the Maoists. I’d expect this unreasoningly critical attitude from the stone throwers, but it is an alarming thing to see it play out relentlessly, day in, day out from the country’s media.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but even if every stadium built in the country collapses, isn’t it important to talk about the games themselves? What are the seventeen countries that participate in the Commonwealth Games? What are all the sports included and the competitions in them, who are reigning winners? The media is clueless. Witness for example, NDTV not knowing that its not lawn balls, its lawn bowling, though they are quite likely to know every problem there is around it. The asymmetric balls used in lawn bowling are called bowls.

I think its not a coincidence that the newspapers condemning the loudest are the ones who have TV channels that won’t be able to cover the games.

Increasingly we find that the media is more interested in profit than any sense of responsibility, which had become glaringly obvious during 26/11.

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