India has a woman-President!

So we now have a woman president. That’s nice. Honestly, I don’t care less if the president is a man or a woman, as long as they take the country into better days. I’m not really into preferring either male or female in most situations.

However, considering the long drive for women’s empowerment in India, I guess this can be seen as a shining star in its cap. Like my neighbour hastened to point out – “Not even the US has ever had a woman president – we are even more modern that them in some ways”. While I don’t understand the immediate need to compare happenings in India with the US, she does have a point.

Women in positions of power was not really a very big problem in India, its the everyday life of the common woman where the fight is. We have always had loads of them from warrior rulers and politicians, to social reformers, activists and educators and all other influential areas too. The percentage of women isn’t the same as men, but I can say with all honesty and pride that they are plenty and well respected too.

What I find remarkable in having a woman president, is that a president in India is the top. So its a pretty symbolic and powerful position for a woman in a society that is serious for women’s empowerment. Its a statement of trust and belief in capability. Symbolic matriarchy. I like that.

I think this is not really a statement in terms of “woman-president” but actions speaking louder than words in the field of women empowerment. We have a person capable of leading the country well. That person becomes president. It happens to be female. So what? It’s that “so what”, so easily typical of India, when it has accepted an idea that’s the beauty of it.

With due credit to our neighbour, Mrs M, she has an important point as well. I did promise her that I would mention it in my writing. I don’t think she understands how ordinary a blog is – she thinks I’m writing important stuff that will stay on record for all time. In a way she’s right, but well…. its still ordinary in these times.

She wants to point out (rather triumphantly) that it is America speaking of womens rights and empowerment and all that, but have they trusted their country into a woman’s hands? Indian women are meek and mild, so they are easy to bully in some cases, but in other cases, they are just quiet and that is not a bad thing. When the time is right, see what is happening. An Indian woman is president, and the country is very happy about it.

I think this is pretty much the gist of what she is saying. While I don’t necessary with the “meek and mild and naturally quiet” parts of it, I guess she’s saying it like she sees it. I think she’s just not seeing all the bold ones out here, including me. For her, the typical Indian woman is still the one who’s quietly efficient, modest, and designed to drive me nuts through sheer lack of open communication.

Whatever, we have a new president, and I have duly celebrated the fact that she’s female. Now let’s watch and wait to see where our journey of development as a country leads.


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