In love with a stranger

Was in a real whacky mood. Thoughts flitting around in my mind.
I let them. Played with them. And here is what happened.

in love with a stranger
lol. no. strangerer

Warning: In seriously freaky mood. Follow with care

Always in love with a stranger.

Human rights are an excellent idea. We need a committee to identify humans.

[Tweep updated profile pic for the first time]
hah. As though finding yourself weren’t hard enough.

If you are crazy enough to read me in this mood, you might as well have something nice to listen to.

[someone asks who the stranger is]
*mysterious smile*

Ever wonder how you always fall in love with a stranger? Why don’t you love people once you know them?

Breaks my heart every time

[every parents nightmare]

So when was the last time a newspaper spoke of a beautiful world? Stuff worth reading, worth aspiring to? Is there only one way?

Tears in Heaven is like a road accident. I hate the horror I think of when I hear it, and I can’t stop listening.
… no not you. Strangerer….

Would you know my name, if I saw you in heaven… 🙁 What courage to be able to sing this to a crowd…. Clapton is a brave man

Changing language or I’ll get depressed. Here’s one to get heartbeats up

Tossing baskets of yoyos of thoughts out into the sky. Pulling ones at whim to examine, think… wonder what they mean…

Friend on FB “Vidyut, you’re a complex woman” Lol. No shit, Sherlock. You meant complicated. Go ahead, say that too.

Cousin wants me to sleep. She can’t understand mood. I tell her to sleep and not worry about it. Its called creative euphoria 😀

Perfection is futile. Continuous improvement is key. How long? Forever. Of couse.

Many, many people are in love with me. As long as I’m a stranger.

Solve every conflict in the world. Let go of the past. Its gone anyway. Seriously.

The whole concept of guardedness drives me nuts. Seriously. Guarded? Suspicious? Always alert? LIVE one glorious moment. Worth an eternity.

[…lot of conversations swell… distracting me..]
Reality intrudes. 🙁 will try to ignore.

My TL just had a flashflood. Was in this nice cosy cloud of alone, fuzzy pink solitude, and now tweeps are all over me

Son woke up. Wants to poop. So much for creative mood.

[…and it returns…]

Its not love. Its attention and acceptance.We do it all for undivided attention, and unconditional acceptance

If we get it we are happy, or we earn it or we fight to get the bad kind. Attention is must. Without attention, do I exist? but to give…

Attention is easier. doable chunk. The fuck is in the unconditional acceptance. Love would be simpler. Faults and all is an escape clause.

There wouldn’t be a fault if we wouldn’t judge, but judge we must…. what if the other were better than us?

This whole farce of accepting someone with their faults is one big smokescreen for judging people when we well know its betrayal.

We fear being equals because one slip would take us lower. We stay superior because it feels good, and if it doesn’t work…. there is always a new stranger…. to fool, to fake, to pretend. That we are better than we really are.

When intimacy judges, that’s somehow worser than strangers judging. Maybe that’s why we love strangers. And strangers love us.

And when we know, and the prisons rise, its time to go to the next sunrise. Its time to fall in love with a stranger.

Whoa!!! I came full circle to “in love with a stranger”


I’m in love with a stranger.
….. no, not you. Strangerer…..

Note: There *could have been a version with all the coversations flowing… but too long. But really, they were all a part of it. A new friend, a fellow vulnerable woman, an acquaintance collaborator, a friend who’d been missing for a few days, news of political turmoil, of child rights activists bringing in some sad news, meeting a fellow poet, peering together into the meaning of things profounder than us….. all through the tempo was running, in the background, really it was part of the song. Life is part of the song of being in love with a stranger.


Vidyut is a blogger on issues of National interest. Staunch advocate of rights, learning and freedoms. @Vidyut

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