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2 Comments on "In Amethi, police are the Gandhi family’s property"

  1. I am kind of very angry with this because the simple fact that law cannot be above constitution is not being discussed. You need only 51% dumb representatives (or corrupt) to make a law but constitution needs everyone to be agreed on.
    Do they think people are dumb not to realize that they are using dumb laws in a dumb way thinking common people are dumb enough to buy it? Vinashkalaya vipreet budhi. Rahul had the chance to bounce back. But with this stuff happening in amethi, he can never become a true leader of India – even in thousand years.

  2. This is a direct attack on constitution. Fundamental right to freedom – a right which cannot be suspended unless there is emergency. Freedom to travel anywhere in India. It is our India, we the people. Not these fucking congressi dalals …

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