I must be a diclofenac vulture

By | January 10, 2009

Diclofenac has been banned in the India? Diclofenac is used mostly for anti-inflammatory purposes by vets? This is news to me. Surprising, since all this is in the Hindu, which is an Indian newspaper.

The reason my friends, that I am taking five times as long to type out this post is the fact that I hurt my tumb. Swelled like a puri, it did. Guess what the local chemist gave me for it? Diclofenac, yes siree!

Needless to say, since taking the medicine, my thumb was the least of my worries. My stomach kept me in agony. And before any whizkid tells me to take zintac with it, I did. I still spent almost 12 hours in excrutiating pain. And now I come to know its a veterinary drug? And now I come to know its been banned in India? Strange, I thought that the neighbourhood chemist was in India. Particularly since I don’t even own a passport.

I have no clue what banning a medicine means in India. Worse, I have no clue why a veterinary medicine was given to me. I am bull-headed, but as far as I know, I’m human.

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