Fasting for Fifteen Hundred F**K’n Billion Dollars

Fasting is an integral part of the Indian culture and tradition. It basically connotes willingly abstaining oneself from eating certain or any kind of food, drink or both. But at present I can say that we Indian’s are not fasting to get God’s mercy or to please him. Its $1500 billion for what we are fasting.

The data provided by the Swiss bank suggests that India has more black money than rest of the world combined. India is leading the list with almost $1500 Billion black money in Swiss banks, followed by Russia $470 Billion, UK $390 Billion, Ukraine $100 Billion and China with $96 Billion.

It’s embarrassing for any country to top the list of black money holders. The money which belongs to its nation and its citizens is stashed in the illegal personal accounts of corrupt politicians, IPS officers, bureaucrats and industrialists. An amount which is 13 times larger than the nations foreign debt. Every year this amount is increasing at a rapid speed but our government seems to be silent over this matter from a very long time. The total black money accounts for 40% of our GDP, if all the money comes back to India then that could result in huge growth burst for our nation. A nation where more than 450 million live below the poverty line, which means they make less than $1.25/day and could probably use an easy cash advances from somebody. By bringing back the black money back to the country there is so much which can be done for the development of the nation and the people who live below poverty line. India will also be able to clear all their foreign debts in 24Hrs.

Independent India is not new to these scams, its root can be found in 1948 when ‘Nehruji’ and Congress started ‘Governing’ this country. Since then our politicians never left this country Scam free. 2010 can be declared as the Year of Scams. Total Scam Money (approx) since 1992 (Including high profile scams like 2G, CWG, Aadarsh, UP Food Scam of 2010): jaw dropping 83 Lakh Crore.

And they achieved …


Year we
Thanks toHow much richer they got
1992 Harshad Mehta securities scam50,000,000,000
1994 Sugar import scam6,500,000,000
1995 Preferential allotment scam50,000,000,000
Yugoslav Dinar scam4,000,000,000
Meghalaya Forest scam3,000,000,000
1996Fertilizers import scam13,000,000,000
Urea scam1,330,000,000
Bihar fodder scam9,500,000,000
1997Sukh Ram telecom scam15,000,000,000
SNC Lavalin power project scam3,740,000,000
Bihar land scandal4,000,000,000
C.R. Bhansali stock scam12,000,000,000
1998Teak plantation swindle80,000,000,000
2001UTI scam48,000,000,000
Dinesh Dalmia stock scam5,950,000,000
Ketan Parekh securities scam12,500,000,000
2002Sanjay Agarwal Home Trade scam6,000,000,000
2003Telgi stamp paper scam1,720,000,000
2005IPO-Demat scam1,460,000,000
Bihar flood relief scam170,000,000
Scorpene submarine scam18,978,000,000
2006Punjab’s City Centre project scam15,000,000,000
Taj Corridor scam1,750,000,000
2008Pune billionaire Hassan Ali Khan tax default500,000,000,000
The Satyam scam100,000,000,000
Army ration pilferage scam50,000,000,000
The 2-G spectrum swindle600,000,000,000
State Bank of Saurashtra scam950,000,000
2009The Jharkhand medical equipment scam1,300,000,000
Rice export scam25,000,000,000
Orissa mine scam70,000,000,000
Madhu Koda mining scam40,000,000,000
20102-G Scam17,700,000,000,000
U.P Food Scam35,000,000,000
Adarsh Society Scam10,000,000,000
CWG scam80,000,000,000

(The above figure is in INR)

These were the some of the scams that I could find. After calculating all this I’m finding it awkward to count loose change that is in my pocket, which I own and many like me would own too. We people don’t dream of becoming filthy rich, but what we dream of is progress of our nation, better infrastructure, better facilities for the citizens, low crime rates, low poverty rates, better education, in all we dream of a better INDIA. Whole nation is getting united for this cause, this time it’s now about religion it’s about money it’s about my money your money our money that they have robbed from us.

If we get successful in bring back what we have lost we can change the picture of our nation.

  1. The amount is many times larger than our foreign debt and with the help of it we can be debt free.
  2. The total black money accounts for 40% of GDP of India, if all the money comes back to India then that could result in huge growth burst for India.
  3. Even if all the taxes are abolished, the government can maintain the country easily for 30-40 years.
  4. We can easily eliminate poverty from our country if we spend such a huge amount for our country’s development and for the welfare of its people.
  5. More than 60 Crore jobs can be given to Indians.
  6. We can have 4 lane roads from any village to Delhi.
  7. Every citizen can get monthly at least 2000 for 60 years.
  8. There would be no need of World Bank and IMF loan.
  9. We can be the most powerful country if we bring back this amount of money.
  10. Many crimes can also be controlled as poverty is also responsible in the increase of number of crimes.

My fellow citizens its time that we keep all our differences apart, It’s time that we unite and fight against all odds to get our money back, the money which belongs to all of us. For years we have been trying harder and harder to become one of the leading countries of the world and every Indian by God works for the same purpose, we put ourselves behind as we work for our nation first. We Indians have always sacrificed everything for the nation and this time nation is calling us again.

Let’s once again fight and achieve freedom Jai Hind


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