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A second post by Gity Yousafi of Herat, Afghanistan, where she looks at the condition of women in Afghanistan through the lens of a young girl and describes their dreams and how things should be.

As an Afghan girl my dream is that the women of Afghanistan have a secure country and be free to learn, to improve and have equal right. Unfortunately most of them are illiterate and they don’t know about their right, the way of their living, and men always show how they are powerful and how they can control the women as a thing not as a human.

Afghanistan is a country which is experienced war and violence and known as a terrorism country. The women rights always trampled they didn’t have any right. After Talliban time we again became relief and want to show that we are also human and we can be independent. Women and girls can get knowledge and studied in their field that they have dream, after graduation, it is the time that make their future and get their dream job. But how to reach in
their dream with this violence’s , because their father, brother and husband decide what should they do or they don’t do in fact they don’t have any promotion to speak.

Before that we are a girl, woman, wife, sister or mother we are human as a human we have right to life free with out any limitation we have equal right like men and it is our job to resist and show that also we are powerful and don’t let men to abuse us and see us as thing. We should give hand to hand and get our right that we have, I know that it is the hard work and take time but it is good for future women if we couldn’t get our right completely but our daughters can get it in future it my important dream and I know it is the dream of every Afghan woman and girl.

We should try a lot to make our future and get our rights and show the men how we are powerful and in depended. It is the dream of every Afghan girl, we should deal with them. Forced marriages, family violence are a lot but we should deal and resist suicide is not the best way it no difference for men after our death they forgot every thing and take another wife and do the same violence on her.

Herat Afghanistan (Gity Yosufi)

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