Digital Tridev – Wikileaks, Anonymous, Netizens

By | December 9, 2010

Remember those lines from Tridev with the weird echo effect?

पाप से दहारती फथी (The earth cracked with sin)

ाधरम से आसमान (… the sky with unreligious acts)

ातयाचार से कापी िनसानियत (humanity trembled with torture)

राज कर कहे हैवान (evil ruled)

जीनकी होगी ताकत ापूृन ([those] whose strength is unmatched)

जिनका होगा निषाना ाभेद (whose aim is true)

जो करेजे िनका सरवनाष (who will devastate the evil)

वो केहलायेजे तरिदेव (they will be called the three Gods)

High drama, edgy, dangerous sounding action music …. And you’re hooked (or used to be)

And the film goes on to show three heroes taking on the might of overwhelmingly powerful villains…. the ultimate masala dhishum dhishum film (among many other such ultimate masala dhishum dhishums that our Bollywood churned out in that era)

To adapt from

The movie is about three men frustrated with the law system, crime, corruption and those causing the corruption. They decide to put an end to all of this in their own separate ways and as they follow on their own separate paths slowly their paths cross. It is then that they realize that they have a common enemy. Sunny Deol plays the honest cop (wikileaks) who is after a band of smugglers who are led by Bhujung Amrish Puri) (secret misconduct with US leading in this film). After his attempts go to waste he is transferred to a new area and there the villains try to kill him (call for assassinations, terrorist, eroding support from every direction… and currently finally arrest and imprisonment). This also deters his love story with his sweetheart (Madhuri Dixit) (not getting into this one – she’s they are no Madhuri Dixit – husband will never forgive me). The villains believe they have killed him but Sunny is still alive and the fact they think he is dead becomes his biggest asset as he now goes about eliminating the enemy his own way (Cablegate releases continue without a hiccup)Naseeruddin Shah plays a local don who has many cases filed against him. The difference is he only strikes to protect the innocent. (Anonymous)

His main aim in life is to find and kill Daku Bhairav Singh who killed his father when he was young (Scientology cults gaining power and influence?). He befriends Sunny Deol and they strike a friendship (Allies with wikileaks against anyone who harms their safety and functioning). The third player is Jackie Shroff who is the son of the police commissioner (Anupham Kher) (You and me – ordinary netizens getting involved into this film). When his sister (Madhuri Dixit) gets kidnapped he does everything in his will to get her free (dignity of country, UN…), which means helping the villains. After that he becomes an enemy of the law and therefore decides to stay and help out Bhujung only to gain their trust so when the right time comes he can finish them all off (well, we all don’t like it much, but we didn’t really do anything much, did we). How the three men come about and finish off the villains is what the movie is about.

In terms of story the movie is nothing new but it is the treatment of an all out blockbuster that makes the film watch-able and deserving of its super hit status.

Reminds me of what is going on with the US and Wikileaks/Anonymous/Netizens (the outraged ones).

The US comes across as this Hindi film villain who goes around becoming more and more rich and influential and forcing everyone it touches to do things its way. Then come the heroes who question the villains excesses, and the villain comes down on them with all his power in what todays language can be called excessive and disproportionate oppression (Hindi film, remember?). We all know how that (and all such Hindi Films) ended.

So why am I telling you all this? Because as Jackie Shroff, even if we are playing along with the villain, there must come a point where we draw a line, or we aren’t heroes, we are just more of his goons. I want you to think about this. Are we okay with what we are discovering about the world?

This saga seems headed right down that same surreal street. Seriously, I mean this is the best the US came up with? To look like utterly shameless people so full of importance that they felt no need to apologize for the excesses being brought up? Sigh. Sometimes reality beats fiction.

To me, it seems that in an age where people are obsessed about security and softwares that could misuse their computers, when enough people VOLUNTEER to download, install and run on their machines software that they know full well will be controlled by someone else and used to attack monoliths of power of todays time, an important question comes up. That question is not whether what these people are doing is right or wrong or illegal or not. That question is, what is happening that these people would take big risks even to be able to stand against?

Note: I apologize for the ghastly typing in Hindi and humbly admit that I suck at it. If anyone will post a well typed version in the comments, I will forever be grateful. In any case, if you don’t know these lines by heart, you suck and don’t deserve to read them 😀

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