Did you donate?

I did. Twice. Online. I am not rich. Now I wish I hadn’t.

  • I don’t know if the really needy people will get my aid. Everyone right from the government to people not harmed by the floods is interested in a piece of the bounty flowing in, while fake camps pretend to be running aid, but actually aren’t.
  • Early reports of people getting food, but the other essentials like blankets and all being hoarded made me hope that the little I sent was spent on water purification tablets or medicine rather than blankets. At least I don’t think those are being hoarded.
  • Discrimination. In a time like this, victims, who have experienced the suffering first hand still don’t have the compassion in them to understand what other victims go through. Reports of non-Muslims not getting aid!!!
  • And other nasty stuff like mob justice and all happening extra curricular.
  • There is increased infiltration at the LoC – obviously some things don’t damage easy.
  • In a nation with cricket in its blood, their team threw away a match for money – not proven, but its a matter of time. Actually, they got caught pretty much red handed spot-fixing no-balls, but the possible deliberate losing is what boiled my blood. Don’t they know that as their nation drowns, the cricket in their blood could make them feel better if there was a win? What little is shared sounds pretty conclusive.
  • They blamed India for the flood!!! Sorry folks, it was Allah. Go bomb heaven.
  • India offered $5million initially and was kept hanging as they deliberated if it should be accepted. Which is fine. I guess the Pakistanis find India’s help insulting or something. They wanted us to send it through UN. Okay. We even upped the aid to $25million. Still not accepted. Worse, the media called for not accepting Indian aid unless the human rights violations in Kashmir were stopped, etc. Blah blah. Apparently Pakistan has a monopoly on human rights violations and in this fragile time, when everyone is tired, they are worried that someone else may be on the horizon? It is particularly insulting, because they have been systematically exporting terror into Kashmir and India as a part of their policy on India. Apparently these terrorists wipe the tears of the distraught Kashmiris and India is lying when they talk about bomb blasts. Talk of the pot calling the kettle black and that too about accepting aid, while they are moaning day and night about needing more money. We must really be awful people.
  • What is more, these people have outright lied when they said that there are no terrorist camps in Pakistan. Their much touted ‘talks’ are total bull shit. Then they lied when they said that LeT is not supported by the government. Then they lied that the ISI is not meddling in India. Not to mention the outright lie about the role of ISI in the Mumbai attacks. Then the lie about taking action against the butchers…. Okay, this mysterious common man is different from the army, government, ISI, radical Islamist organization supporter, etc and is somehow a pure specimen of innocence amid a sea of corrupt India hating society which of course he doesn’t comprise of, since he’s innocent. Uh…. if many people are dying around the world, I would like to choose whom to save with my very small contribution.

This pretty much put paid to my brief surge of humanitarian ideals. As a human rights violator, its best I don’t indulge in such impulses. And I have been thinking. Media has been talking about how we shouldn’t let negative associations of Pakistan’s image blind us to the very real needs of the common people. It makes sense. Yet, I don’t imagine the common person being very enchanted with me as an Indian. Those innocent kids are growing on this venom. More than half of Pakistanis (53%) surveyed in a Pew poll say India is the biggest threat to Pakistan. Why should I be nurturing these little future India haters? The massive scale of the crisis is evident. They need help. To my mind, no matter how many people are dying around me, one person dies once. I don’t see a hungry child on the streets of Mumbai as less deserving of my charity than a hungry child in a country that doesn’t want money from me anyway. Just because the people around him are not dying enough? Unlike the west, there is not image influence potential for India here. Pakistan is rabidly anti-India and are capable of taking offense simply because we breathe. Recent offenses are creating the floods of course, human rights violations in kashmir, offering them money and killing their innocent terrorists just because they happened to cross the border. The fact is, Pakistan is so obsessed with hate that its forgotten how to live. The list is endless and impossible to empty and thus impossible to end that hate – India, US, Israel, Hindus, West, Ahmediyas, government, Some or the other political party, balochs, random strangers….. No amount of saving is going to fix that. And I’m not the only person to arrive at this thinking. Actually, I arrived late, after donating. Forums and comments are filled with this kind of talk. The stones they threw out at the world are bouncing back. Many people are too polite to say this, but no matter what the economy or donor fatigue, people just aren’t interested in supporting terrorists or the pool that harbours them. People may not be comfortable saying it outright, but the donations speak for themselves. The country is happy to starve as long as they have weapons. The earthquake aid went to the government pockets. US military aid goes straight into LeT camps and the army for use against India. Donations to victims evaporate before they reach intended recipients…… and so on. Fact is, no matter how much money people put in, it is not going to reach the common man in the donations drive because the Pakistanis think nothing of his rights and think its fine to steal from the suffering. The common man on the poster the bait. He’s going to stop getting anything as soon as it is possible. See the ‘rehabilitation’ that happened in Kashmir after the earthquake. Nothing. It was used for private fortunes and terrorist funding. And nothing is going to happen here.


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