Women and rape

A reader responded to my earlier article on women with a two part article. Below are my comments to the articles. If I have more, I will update. If a man thinks a woman invites rape through disregard of norms around keeping a low profile, he sure as heck can delete a less than complimentary comment on the article.


Thank you for sharing this article. Frankly, I think this has pretty much nothing to do with mine, but I’m glad it triggered the subject, because it is a comprehensive monument of the utter moral depravity of the average Indian male.

The overall impression I get from your article is that men find it fine to disrespect the personhood of a woman and that you find that normal and fine and a circumstance that women must deal with alone – as in conform or live with consequences. While I have no doubt that this is a widespread view, I seriously refuse to take responsibility for the lack of an editor between a man’s dick and brain.

I’d say its your problem, because bullying, raping, abusing, demeaning anyone – man or woman is something that’s luckily illegal – whether we enforce it adequately or not. Slut shaming is prevalent – true, but it is also not an ideal to aspire to. You seem content to live there. Frankly, I have only contempt for such views, but am fine seeing as how you have no authority over my life and are free to become whatever you aspire to.

It does creep me out that we remain a society where such thoughts may be freely chest thumped as some kind of insight.

Consider this dude, by your standards, a young boy had better learn modesty fast, because pedophiles exist, and since they are more powerful, the consequences are entirely the boy’s to bear. Why have child protection laws? Why make them a special case? While you are at it, pliss to also ignore old people being killed by robbers. After all, robbers exist. If they can’t manage their own security, they deserve to die, right? Or at least throw away all their tempting valuables.

They should be on par with an adult male of prime age. Defend or die. Luckily India is not a wildlife sanctuary… yet. Compute that.

The only other misfit in your monument is that you forgot to tell rapists to target the bold women who disregard these laws. Statistics say that women who appear quieter, less inclined to create trouble or publicly confront them are more likely targets of rape. Compute that too.

I find this utterly pukeworthy.


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