The Dark Side of Twitter

The Dark Side of Twitter

Twitter is well appreciated for the unprecedented freedom of interaction it provides, while at the same time allowing for security. Also, being directly able to hear candid talk of public figures, being able to engage them with questions is something that had been difficult for most people with questions or curiosity. Celebrity accounts interacting with fans brings them and their thoughts within reach.

However, there is a dark side to this as well. Normally all interactions between tweeps are public and a private message can only be sent to someone following you. These private messages are accessible only to the sender and receiver, and while they are great for exchanging confidential information or conversation, it is possible to abuse the access they provide when they are used for illegal purposes.

Sexual harassment in India is illegal. The description of sexual harassment includes obscene language and outraging modesty. Actor Kamaal R Khan of Big Boss disrepute has been known to send abusive messages to his followers for a long time. Recently some of his victims appealed to me for assistance, and I am presenting here screenshots they sent me of the Direct Messages they have received from this man.

The Person in account being a celebrity account has led to any protests they made to not make much of a dent in either his reputation. His account is not suspended either. The messages being made in crude Hindi are likely not understood by Twitter support and this person continues to abuse people who follow him at will.

Here are some screenshots.


If, like me, you think these actions are illegal, please do the following:

  • Block the account¬†@kamaalrkhan
  • Follow the account @support. This allows you to send direct messages and complain about the obscene messages sent from this account.
  • If you have received such messages, please upload screenshots and post a link in the comments. Also send a link to @support
  • Write to the Cyber Crime Cell to file a complaint about his actions.
  • Feel free to use the link to this post to describe what he has been doing if you don’t wish to or don’t feel able to describe the issue clearly.
  • If you have been a fan of Kamaal R Khan, please consider forwarding this to your followers too, for anyone who may have followed and suffered from your recommendations.
  • If you are a lawyer and wish to help these people find justice, please get in touch and I can connect you with them.