The Self-Immolation in Herat

In this post from the Afghan life series, Gity Yousafi speaks with awe inspiring and heartbreaking honesty of one of the most serious issues facing the well being of women in Afghanistan – self-immolation.

One of the main problems of our society that we faced is self-immolation; it spread day by day and takes it victim from women, women are always victim of their family and society.

Raise a question what is the reason and how should we prevent them.

  1. Forced Marriages: one of the important reasons is forced marriages, unfortunately it is a current problem in our society, and it doesn’t have any compatibility with the logic and mind, it is not the confirmation of the Islam. Women are deprived from their rights by forced marriages and family violence’s. Forced marriages means slavery, taking freedom and rights of chose, all these problems case self-immolation.
  2. Widows to inherit: another problem that case self-immolation is to inherit of widows from their husband.
  3. Polygamy: another problem in our society is polygamy; in fact men can take about seven wives, this case self-immolation of women.
  4. Dejection: one of the other reasons of self-immolation is dejection. When a woman sees that she is nothing unless a salve and don’t know any things in the world, on that time she doesn’t have any way of solving her problem in this case she suicide.
  5. Lack of Education: most of the women are illiterate. Lack of awareness, information and education case that women don’t know about her right and freedom.
  6. Family Violence: make a bad impression on women and child. Men find the weak point of women and hit on them. Men think they are the king of the house every things that they say it is right and the women don’t have any right to say her ideas and defend herself.
  7. Poverty: poverty can case self-immolation; they don’t find other way to solve the problems.
  8. Imitation: some of women imitate of some women that they suicide.

Day by day self-immolation increase and we can’t prevent. Lack of awareness is the big problems most of women don’t know their rights and they don’t know even about Islam, if they have information they never suicide because Islam never let a person to kill her or his self in fact it is a big sin.


  1. To inform the society especially women from their right.
  2. To establish branches in the courts because of solving of families problems like marriages affairs, divorce, polygamy…..
  3. Literacy Campaign.
  4. Having a legal adviser.

They can help women to know about their rights, I hope one day we reach it and be in depended like other humans.

Heart Afghanistan by: Gity Yosufi