Naina Singh Case Update

In Naina Singh’s Case What is Now transpiring after yesterday after going through all the papers and records.

  1. Thats the mother, father filed a complaint before the SSP Gaziabad regarding the suspicious death of her daughter Naina Singh. They doubted the death of naina Singh on the cause of TB and said it was a murder andand reson of death is not fullfilling the dowry demand of the in Laws which they were demanding since the beginning of marriage.
  2. They Said in the complaint that death was because of some poisonous food, given to her.
  3. The SSP forwarded this complaint to concerned police station Vijay Nagar, Gaziabad for the inquiry of the case and to sumbit their report.
  4. The SHO of the police station submitted his report on 18.10.2011, stating that the cause of the death is TB not the Dowry as claimed by the Parents of Naina Singh. The Reson stated by the SHO is that due to lack of proper m,adication Naina Singh died.
  5. The SHO further said the its a case of natural death and No suspicion found.
  6. The mother Mrs Malti Singh is still not satisfied with all the thing stated by the SHO in the report.

On seeing facts and circumstances , Now its very difficult to get a case registered against the in-laws. The remedy which we have is 156 (3) CrPC for get the FIR registered, But Now after police report dated 18.10.2011, its become a futile exercise ti file 156 (3) application before magistrate for registration of FIR.

The Remedy we still have is, a complaint Case for summoning the in-laws under Section 200 Cr.PC read with section 174 (3) CrPC. On where we could seek the summoning of the in-laws on ground of the suspicious death.

And regarding the act of the Police on non-registration of FIR, we can still move to High Court under Article 226 CrPC on the ground of that Denial of Registration of FIR on part of state machinery is bad in law and as an additional prayer we could seek the enquiry of the case by an independant agency.

We still have little hope in this case and a little hope some times make us to get justice, but we should pursue it tactically and with timely steps.