Mamata Banerjee and more rape logic

Mamata Banerjee and more rape logic 1
rape cases are on a rise in the country because men and women interact with each other more freely now

Time for a new dose of the same old. Mamata Banerjee thinks that rapes happen because men and women interact freely. Inexplicably in almost the same breath, she also blamed media for rising rapes by highlighting rape cases. Yeah, kill the messenger. But it doesn’t stop there. Continuing with the overall theme of illogical, she then claims the rapes are complete inventions by the media. So get this straight, free interaction between men and women is responsible for rapes that are actually caused by media highlighting something that didn’t happen? Makes a lot of sense.

“Earlier if men and women would hold hands, they would get caught by parents and reprimanded but now everything is so open. It’s like an open market with open options,” she said. “Everyday rape incidents are being highlighted as if the entire state has become the land of rapists. Rape is sought to be glorified by these people. This will not be tolerated by people. I would like to say that negative journalism only destroys and it is time to champion positive journalism,” she said.

I suppose in Mamata land, it would be too much to expect that rapists rape because they are criminals. Must not hurt feelings of rapists by talking like that.

  • Vidyut
  • Vidyut has a keen interest in mass psychology and using it as a lens to understand contemporary politics, social inequality and other dynamics of power within the country. She is also into Linux and internet applications and servers and has sees technology as an important area India lacks security in.

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