Alternative ideas for the future

A collective, cooperative for feminists. A commune. Men, women any gender can live, but the idea that the genders have equal rights should be at the foundation. Fundamental rights must be upheld. This means the right to food, clothing and shelter too.

The community, beyond being a refuge to people in need should be a place where alternative ideas may safely be experimented with, without fear of social sanction. This should particularly extend to social taboos ranging from caste to individual preferences in marriage, gay marriage, civil unions. A place where norms may be broken safely as long as they do not inflict harm on another.

A community kitchen for meals. Operating as a home. Members may work to take care of community, or they may earn and contribute to finances, or both. Health care services and shelter and food must be available for all. Members should collectively own the place – say units of 20 – 100? No clue. More than that, and a new community should be spawned. This is so that people of similar minds may stay together and there are less restrictions for fear of inconveniencing others.

The community must aim to refund initial investment from its collective capital, so that all members own the place equally. There should be a possibility for work like running a creche or adult day care center or making preserves or furniture or gardening or farming… The goal should be self-sufficiency in the essentials, so that a minimum expense can provide basic comforts for all.

It may even be possible to buy land and contribute efforts (including accepting labour donations) to provide the labor or building supplies in construction of own home to create a larger community in lesser costs.

It should be possible for people in distress to find accommodation for free. Donations would help, but more importantly, it would help to have people willing to take the risk to start off.


This is just a jotting of raw ideas. No clue how they will unfold. Many might contradict each other. Fikar not. If you like the idea, hop on, in the comments.


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