Press Statement: India Unites – Joint Agitation from Jan 30 to Feb 7 2019 at Jantar Mantar

Starting January 30, ajoint agitation will begin amplifying some of today’s most criticalissues affecting Indians everywhere. We, as citizens, intend to setout an agenda to which we will then seek a response from allpolitical parties. The past four years have worsened thesocioeconomic condition of Indians everywhere through a destructivemix of poor economic policies and implementation. Hithertomarginalized communities are now leading a precarious existence.Educational opportunities, which have never been adequate for ourpopulation, now appear to be reversing progress in terms ofavailability as well as quality, while unrelated organizations appearto profit from inexplicable favor to capitalize on the resultant needfor capacity. Much was promised on the front of jobs, but the realityis that jobs are disappearing, with small businesses in particularunder severe threat, many of them having been driven to extinctionthrough unsustainable policies.

This is reflected bysuch symptoms as marginalizing, demoralizing and downgrading theArmed Forces thereby compromising India’s national security;peaking agrarian and rural distress, with farmer suicides continuingto increase; worsening unemployment exacerbated by the governmentlying about its inability to provide jobs, instead claiming thatthere isn’t enough data; vigilante groups going about killingpeople with impunity; communal and casteist divisions intensifyingthrough government patronage. The agitation is organized by concernedcitizens who are alarmed at the direction the country is taking. Wefind trivialization and subversion of our Constitution throughunderhanded tactics unacceptable.

In July 2018, agrassroots movement was announced, comprising an alliance of diversesegments of society, which focuses solely on the key issues thatmatter to the constituents. As we approach the 2019 GeneralElections, citizens are stepping up to support an agenda focusing oncritical issues in order to collectively create an upliftingnarrative that offers hope for better priorities and direction forthe country. We believe that everybody owes a responsibility towardsmaintaining and propagating Constitutional values.

This agitation, led byfarmers, veterans, and youth, also comprises several other sectionsof society committed to ensuring that the political parties of Indiahave to respond to citizens.

Joining hands for thisagitation are:

  • Ex-servicemen
  • Members ofDalit, Adivasi, & Bahujan Samaj
  • Farmers’organisations
  • People affectedby Chit Fund scams
  • Civil societymembers
  • Citizens againstAadhaar and surveillance
  • Journalists
  • Women’s rightsorganisations
  • Youth &teachers’ organisations

Outline of the Joint Agitation

January 30, 2019:Dharna commences; issues in focus will be introduced. Ex-servicemenorganisations will take the lead by highlighting issues that affectthe serving armed forces, ex-servicemen, war widows and disabledsoldiers.

January 31,2019: Dalit, Adivasi & Bahujan Samaj organisations willexpress their grievances. Their issues are complex and timeless;specific urgent actions are necessary to address the worst of theirdistress.

February 1,2019: Farmers & Trade Unions will focus on agrarian &rural distress. The reckless policymaking of recent years has driventheir already fragile economy into outright unsustainability.

February 2,2019: Unions of Chit Fund scam affected people present theirstory. A largely ignored group of people.

February 3,2019: Civil society members will protest the rise in hate crimesas well as the attacks on free speech and democracy.

February 4,2019: Environment; Aadhaar and Surveillance; Ethics inJournalism.

February 5,2019: Women’s Reservation Bill and atrocities against women.

February 6,2019: Student groups & teachers’ association will speakabout youth issues, education, and employment.

February 7,2019: All constituents mobilise.

We need an environmentthat preserves our health and prosperity. We look forward to yourblessings and active participation in the agitation – this initiativebelongs to you as much as it does to each one of us.

Note: India Unites isbeing launched simultaneously in Delhi and Mumbai, through parallelagitations.

For more info, contact via phone or WhatsApp:

Anand Mangnale: 9970046164
Priyadarshi: 9910086245
Raghu / godavar: 9717749998

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Connect with us!

  • Vidyut
  • Vidyut has a keen interest in mass psychology and using it as a lens to understand contemporary politics, social inequality and other dynamics of power within the country. She is also into Linux and internet applications and servers and has sees technology as an important area India lacks security in.

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