A decision of trust

I get a flood of emails pointing out to me various problems with the Jan Lokpal Bill. Where earlier people had questioned the “democracy” of the movement, we now have smear campaigns about its leaders.

A variety of things mushroom up.

  • Kiran Bedi got some preferential treatment for her daughter
  • Anna Hazare is a BJP supporter
  • Anna Hazare is secretly making the Congress job easier
  • Anupam Kher insulted the constitution
  • Bhushan made secret deals exploiting the legal system
  • Wrong to include religious leaders in the leadership of the movement – communal!!! (I was quite surprised to read this. Religious leaders finding common cause is communal?)
  • Hazare is a dictator
  • Hazare supports communal violence

And on and on… Feel free to add.

Apparently, the idea is to “prove” that the civil leaders are as bad as the government ones and to discredit the LokPal bill. The flaw of the Indian media is a blessing for the first time.  Because its like the campaign that had relaunched Polo a few years ago – New Mint, same Hole. It is garishly off-topic.

It seems our media is simply unable to understand anything without a political prism to focus it through. However, my purpose in life is neither to sit and account for every human failing in every leader of this country, or examine everywhere our media strays from ethics. I am a citizen, and I support what works for me. A legislation is nobody’s jageer. As long as it is fair, that works for me. Democracy ensures that through the ruling party and opposing party, this movement has three parties to ensure that. I don’t imagine the legislation turning out to be a bad one and my mind is at rest.Satyameva Jayate - India's motto

The rest is all peripheral. I am not marrying or adopting any of the leaders. If they are corrupt, the legislation will help investigate them as well. I would rather not applaud any obvious witch hunts – EVEN IF TRUE.

At the end of the day, we are our own insurance, our own investment and our own return.

I would appreciate making some things clear.

  • I supported the movement to bring corruption down, because it was making me feel frustrated and impotent to sit quiet watching the scams scroll the news every day.
  • If enough of us have caused this to happen, this is not undemocratic. In fact, I think we abolished princely states to convert India into a kind of political monarchy, and this is our French revolution that is remarkably unbloody.
  • If this movement fails, I will be supporting absolutely everything challenging corruption in the government from the Opposition parties to the Maoists or something new. And I will do it for as many government changes as it takes.
  • I believe that the responsible leadership of this movement made it possible for something to challenge the government powerfully, yet without anarchy and violence.
  • The projected fantasy that all was well till Anna upset the cart is bizarre. All was hideous. It was fast becoming shameful to be Indian. I now feel better about owning my nationality publicly.
  • It is only great integrity that can manage a non-violent movement that has such power. I think that integrity will serve us well for now at least. IF there are problems, we aren’t an ice cube. We can reevaluate what doesn’t work. The country is in a mood to fix itself. It is choosing a sane voice, and saner voices are well advised to value it, because frustrating it cannot halt it, it will only add force and erupt in unpredictable ways – like a river.

Most importantly, trust is a choice. There is no perfect human on earth. However, it is a “good symptom” to see figures of integrity, religious figures, media personalities and the common man and many others have one objective.

Of course, I am Indian. I have lost the belief that anything is incorruptible. A part of me mourns that loss. I find that this cynical, jaded me that is incapable of seeing purity in anything is not someone I want to be. I would rather be naive or expectant than treacherous. We gave the political system 63 years to get into this shape. Surely having a Lokpal can’t destroy India before we even come to know, that we must guard so much against an idealistic intent?

If you have lost hope, dreams, belief, what is the point? You might as well suffer a change in the object of your cynicism while we give it a shot, because I think we can do this, and I definitely think that even if we fail, we will most definitely not be worse off.

It is a risk worth taking.

It is a struggle we owe our motherland.

It is time to return to our roots and in a time of turmoil, turn to the motto we chose to guide out path and trust our destiny to work itself out.

Satyameva Jayate – Truth Alone Prevails


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