CWG: The humiliation we escaped

By | October 28, 2010
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As the commonwealth games are behind us in all their malarial glory, falling constructions and standards of hygiene, it comes to mind that we escaped one really disastrous disaster. Bedbugs. Apparently, even the UN isn’t safe from them. As I read the article and found it hilarious in a way one always finds another’s misery, I couldn’t stop the shiver of gratitude that raced down my spine at the thought that it could have been us.

With athletes arriving from all over the world, the potential was high. But it didn’t happen. The last thing we needed was for Australia to find one more thing to whine about or for … uh…. hygiene standards to be compared, because let’s face it, even though bedbugs are not a reflection of hygiene standards, if they had manifested in the CWG village, they certainly would be certified as proof to do Kalmadi in.

So, this is my new memory of the CWG to remember years later – there weren’t bedbugs. At least, none reported.

Or perhaps the reporters who found them couldn’t be certain that they had not brought them along ….

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