Population size: Current population of India 2011

Rough and ready India population guide to top points of interest from our census data.

Population control seems to be going well – Indian people have less children now than we did in 2001. However, population control seems to coincide with the drop in population being lesser for boys than girls. Superficially, it is evident that the girl population in India reduced by some 900,000 more than boys. However, if we factor in the population size, the overall population size of children between 06 years of age reduced by 3%, the population size of boys reduced by 2.4%, while the population size of girls reduced by 3.8%.

In contrast, the number of literate females among Indian people increased more than males, even though the population size of men is over a hundred thousand more than women.

The drop in number of children also shows that our population is slowing down, and people still planning aggressive population control strategies need to take a break, because too drastic a drop in population will mean that we will have a large aged population with relatively fewer youngsters within a few decades. This number being too drastic will be a humanitarian disaster in a relatively poor country with decreasing tax payers and able bodied people generating enough resources to support.

Total population1,028,737,4361,210,193,422181,455,986
Children under 6 yrs163,819,614158,789,287– 5,030,327
Male children under 6 yrs84,999,20382,952,135– 2,047,068
Female children under 6 yrs78,820,41175837152– 2,983,259



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