Corelation between fasting protests and scarcity

Is this recent plague of fasts also an unconscious manifestation of feelings of scarcity? Kind of unknowing conservation till problem fixed? Interesting if someone has the ability and data to run through on frequency and intensity of fasting protests, and inflation, incomes, etc.

Anyone good with working with statistical data on my TL is interested in exploring corelation between fasting protests and scarcity / affordability of essentials? Otherwise nosy people with a talent with working with statistics and data welcome too.

Basically, the unconscious mind takes care of a lot of things we aren’t aware of. Things we have no clue on. As different from sub-conscious, where we aren’t paying attention (like breathing, etc).

The unconscious mind has no filters. It simply stores impressions. It doesn’t understand negations. For example, to your unconscious, “That is a dog” and “That is not a dog” get stored as “dog is” or “dog” with a feeling of some significance possibly linked with other data like the image, or place, etc.

Everything we experience, goes into our unconscious, and many things get stored without us even knowing. Sharing an article about unconscious processes in parenting, but the process is same for all.

It is an involved thing, and a field of study that has occupied lives on end, so difficult to describe in a post, but for purposes of research, this should be enough:

My hypothesis is, that decreasing ability to afford essentials and insecurity around that impacts the collective psyche of the country as scarcity. So, the unconscious creates feelings similar to survival scenarios, where you eat less (fast), fight to make more resources available (fight corruption, get money back into country), etc.

I think analyzing statistics on income/affordability/poverty and number of fasts/participation/duration should be enough to get an initial idea on if something worth detailed research is there, post which I suppose it would also be taken up by someone more competent 😀

The help I need:

  1. If you understand unconscious processes (or are interested), your contributions, opinions, ideas… to refine the hypothesis and research.
  2. If you are good with collecting data – the data on income/affordability/poverty and number of fasts/participation/duration from as carefully researched and reliable sources as possible, keeping in mind that this is not a paid gig.
  3. If you are good with analyzing data, helping get clarity on what needs to be collected, if it can be improved, and then actually doing the analyzing.
  4. Providing redundancy. Don’t think that because someone is doing something, there is no space for you.
  5. Funding. If you are rich, keep an eye on this space, if this thing needs money – shouldn’t. An internet connection should get what I’m visualizing so far…

What I need is someone who can collect data on protest fasts, duration, number of people participating…. or possibly at any given time, how many people in the country were on protest fasts. And see if there is any corelation with inflation, or percentage of population below poverty line, or percentage of people paying tax above certain levels, etc.

Three challenges – obtaining reliable data, working accurately with it, presenting it in an understandable fashion.

All help welcome.

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