Censorship on Free Media

On the brink of revelations at Wikileaks, the topic #wikileaks is moving at a rapid clip. Yet, strangely, it doesn’t show on the trends. More than that, if you add #wikileaks to a topic that is trending, your tweet is not going to show for that search.

Nice. So much for sharing what real trends are. And what’s the point? Its not like someone interested in wikileaks is not going to find out. It only exposes Twitters censorship for what it is. Censorship. Media.

This post is a new experiment. Will posting this link as a regular tweet or with a trending topic last?

Its not like this is the first time leaks are happening or that attacking wikileaks will stop the information from going out at this stage. Even if wikileaks goes down, the newspapers are already set for releasing the information. Yet, wikileaks.org is under a DDos attack, Britain has asked the media to show restraint (in polite words)….. kind of like closing the door after the horse has bolted.

Much easier to not do acts that bring shame to the country rather than frantically cover up people coming to know.

Update: Twitter has clarified that they are not doing any “throttling” on Wikileaks. The hash tag #wikileaks is not trending because there is a user profile called wikileaks and by design, usernames don’t trend on Twitter. Hmmm.

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