CBI on Shehla Masood – Are you freaking kidding me?

Let me get this straight, dear CBI. You are saying a woman who suspected that her husband was involved with another woman knew a rent-a-sharpshooter? And had 3 lakh rupees to give him without arousing suspicion? And such a simple case flabbergasted everybody and his cousin for over half a year? And the woman’s husband was not interrogated over said affair? Or her famous father-in-law? And the woman offed just happens to be an RTI activist with enemies making threatening calls to her? And who just happened to have requested for protection without getting it? Who just happened to have put a 5-star project in cold storage?

And an interior designer happens to be a profession with possible profits in just the kind of land mafia deals Shehla was trying to expose? Particularly with powerful family connections? You are saying we should ignore all this and believe that mere suspicion of an affair caused a sharpshooter and money to manifest? And the victim was someone who was about to break her silence, scuppering plans for a US$4.7 billion diamond mine, exposing a nest of corruption and rocking the political establishment to its core? Okay. I hear you. In other news, I also happened to here this last year…


You also mean that an RTI activist investigating land mafia has a builder Sakib Ali in custody over her murder and it is all about the suspicion of an affair? And the sharpshooter (who would also get the worst punishment and risk life) is conveniently too dead to confirm/deny this claim? And where a reward of 5 lakh failed to get a squeak out of anyone, you now have a flock of canaries? Where her pangas with the mining mafia and ruling BJP marii

Carl Jung said that there is no such thing as a coincidence. I agree with him.

My current conclusion is that as an organization, you are a bunch of frustrated, horny fucktards, or that you have something to hide. You prefer. Or would you like me to swallow your red herring and say that since you ruled out one fake theory, you aren’t faking anymore?

In any case, this case should be transfered to someone who sees fewer Hindi films and knows some about investigation.

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2 thoughts on “CBI on Shehla Masood – Are you freaking kidding me?”

  1. In India a popular saying goes thus – Zar (Money) Zoru (Woman) Zameen (Land)  three most common causes of all fights. You donnot need a CBI to unearth this simple truth

  2. Goddamn. woman is murdered right outside the house, all indications point to a ruling party politician, records shows that she faced threats day in and day out. police aware, public aware and it takes frigging months to come out with a conspiracy theory on domestic disturbance and women trouble. bleddy cbi cmon guys be men and come out with the truth

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