Caesar's wife must be above reproach: The Seditious Congress

Enough is enough. I don’t even think I need to list out the problems with the government. To me, it is simple. The trust of an entire nation was taken for a ride and exploited.

What baffles me is, what for? They were already ruling the country. That is a lot of power at their finger tips. What do they gain by bleeding the very hand that gives them their credibility? Money? They have it already. If its sitting in some Swiss bank and they dare not even show it, what does it bring them?

They have food, clothing, shelter. They have the security of knowing they will not starve. They have the comforts that they wish. What is worth¬†achieving¬†at the cost of shouldering the moral burden of sabotaging your own country? Why? A child who steals from his parent’s wallet is scolded, corrected. An adult who steals family heirlooms is arrested. What does one do with leaders who steal, repeatedly, blatantly from their own?

I am sad. I am angry. I am not able to bear the shame of supporting people who are bleeding my country to death. As our leaders, they are supposed to guide the country. To lead us to better times. If that cannot be, they are no use to me.

A country’s credibility lies in its leaders. Today, India’s credibility lies in tatters. We have failed our own. We have failed the poor, homeless, hungry people. Sometimes, all they have is a vote and a hope. Grief doesn’t begin to describe what I feel when I think of the consequences of being complacent about corruption. I am a part of that corruption, because in not doing anything to stop it, I allowed it to flourish. The politicians apparently have no honor. I do. For me, this stops now.

As surely as Pakistan’s leaders bled the country to the bone planting the weed of extremism for their ambitions, the Indian leaders have planted the weed of corruption for their ambition. However, I refuse to nurture this any further. Caesar’s wife MUST be above reproach, or let Caesar find a better one. The Congress has lost all credibility and authority to rule this country through their own illegal, immoral and anti-national actions. Is this not sedition through financial sabotage?

Manmohan Singh’s innocence just doesn’t cut it any more. Without getting into his honesty, I only want to say that if he is this surrounded by scams and still doesn’t know anything about it, he is too clueless for his role. Being astute to happenings in the country is a job requirement.

Today, whether my words have impact or not, I am on record. I don’t want them to step down. They are all fired. The whole bloody lot of them. OUT.

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Vidyut is a blogger on issues of National interest. Staunch advocate of rights, learning and freedoms. @Vidyut

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