Breaking Indian Muslim stereotypes

If one good thing can be said to have emerged from this whole nightmare, it is that many perceptions in Pakistan and other country Muslims about India seem to have been broken.

The first and very important is where Muslims are harrassed and arrested every time there is a terror attack in India. Not only have there been no arrests this time, there is no communal ill-feeling either. We are all uniformly shocked and appalled. While anger and resentment are there in both Hindu and Muslim hot-heads, this kind of cold-blooded wholesale murder is revolting to all.

The other assumption I think should have broken is that of the militants “protecting” or fighting to avenge atrocities against Indian Muslims. Nothing states this more clearly than Indian Muslims refusing the terrorists to be burried in their graveyard. If that doesn’t send a message of “we don’t like you and we don’t approve” I don’t know what does. I hope any wannabe terrorists read this and understand that this is a massive population of Muslims we are talking about – bigger than your entire country (unless you’re from Indonesia). No matter what the propaganda tells you to believe, terrorism is not an acceptable solution to an honorable Muslim either.

You may be punishing countries in your mind, but you are making dignity difficult for the very people you aim to protect. Therefore, please find something better to do with your life. Its one life we all have, and making it a work of beauty and pride is a good goal.

Out of all these ashes one good rises up – we get over petty differences, and our similarities shine through.

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