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Vidyut is a blogger on issues of National interest. Staunch advocate of rights, learning and freedoms. @Vidyut

Radioactive people

Physicist Michio Kaku said in a video “If you have been exposed to Cesium 137 because you are an atomic worker, even after you are dead and buried your graveside will be radioactive. Your great grandkids can come with Geiger counters and see that great granddaddy still has radiation at his graveside” It is a… Read More »

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Debunking the great FDI savior

I had begun with a pro-FDI stance out of a natural affinity for the new, for change. However, as I am reading and thinking more, I think the FDI coming up so suddenly is little more than a quick fix by our government to cover up the now pinching consequences of massive mis-governance of finances.… Read More »

Fukushima Daichi and nuclear safety

Contrasting bits of news coming in from Fukushima Daichi in Japan. And I think, as a country with a raging debate about nuclear power, we need to pay more attention to it. We need to evaluate for ourselves the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power and see how we can achieve safe nuclear energy or… Read More »

Some thoughts on FDI

Me not having much of a head for money matters, I had not commented on FDI in retail so far. However, I had a conversation with a friend who made several observations which seemed important to me, so sharing them here. The friend wishes not to be named, since he works for a place supporting… Read More »

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