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Came across an interesting argument against the Arundhati logic today. According to her, what she is doing is freedom of speech, even though it defames the country. So how is criticism of her not freedom of speech, or FIRs against her repression rather than freedom to seek justice?

Her logic for the Maoists and separatists is that there has been injustice done against them and there is no hope for justice. According to this logic, she has slandered the country and every citizen in it for over a decade now. The government seems disinclined to stop her or prevent these constant attacks on our dignity. The common man of India is shamed in the eyes of the world through false accusations. So, should people take the law in their hands and mete out their brand of justice, whatever it is?

Interestingly, the lobby she viciously attacks has threatened her with hundreds of FIRs – a democratic and legal means of seeking justice. On the other hand, the people she supports have engaged in mass murder, arson, vandalism, attacks on security forces… yet she thinks India is not a democratic nation and she has a better concept of democracy.

To me, it seems anarchy. If anyone in India incited mobs against her so that her safety was threatened, they would be arrested. And that is right. For what its worth, there is hope in justice.

She raises several valid points about the crisis of governance in India, but she raises them in a manner that agreeing with her would be insulting ourselves, which is entirely unfair to the country as well as its people. India as a country has been consistently developing and growing. From a social situation of communal riots, massive corruption and oppression, we are moving toward a more integrated society. A country isn’t born developed. Whether we like it or not, we are a third world country, clawing our way up the world. Hating ourselves for it is not going to create progress, motivation, satisfaction, or justice to those not getting it currently. Nor is grudging and attacking those who find joy. Supporting the democracy in addressing what needs attention will.

So, dear writer mistaking a prize for fiction to be an acknowledgment of deep understanding of the human condition, Arundhati this.

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