Anant Pai – Amar Chitra Katha

Anant Pai passed away from a heart attack at the age of 81. All I could think of was how I grew up reading his stuff. Now I am all grown up, and Anant Pai reached the end of the road. The cycle of life goes on. I mourn the loss for the child in me, and I think it is a loss for children all over India….. but he lives on. Nothing like reading back issues to get an ‘extra dose’.

Anant Pai, for the uninformed is the one who brought mythological tales alive for the children. In a world obsessed with getting kids to read endless words and learn nothing, he used the engaging comics to convey the values of the Indian culture. Who can forget Tinkle?

He had even wanted education to adopt comics as a medium of instruction – I bet kids would learn far more!

Less known is that he made a few films and wrote books for slightly older children on self-development.

The good part is that Uncle Pai may die, but he will never be gone, as long as there are kids to be entertained.


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