America is not a Democracy

No, I don’t hate America. Its a nice enough country and probably does good too. However, from what I discover, it is not a democracy. Because from what I know of democracies:

  • The elected government owes citizens transparency as to what it is doing in their name.
  • The elected government is not above the law
  • The elected government is not allowed to change interpretations of the law on the fly

There are some things I have discovered that I will not forgive America for unless it specifically admits guilt and initiates change. Not that my forgiveness matters, but in my eyes, these are crimes GOA must not be allowed to get away with.

  1. Misuse of diplomatic immunity and breach of trust by briefing diplomats to collect confidential information (and denying it) – information directly requested for by the CIA.
  2. Human rights abuses going unchecked.
  3. Pressuring countries to enable human rights violaters to escape proscecution.
  4. Breaking the law in the countries of allies – cluster bombs
  5. Breaking American law – Funding to armies engaging in human rights violations and concealing abuses by allies
  6. Attempting to illegitimize whistle blowing to conceal its rampant violations of laws.
  7. Violating the laws of an Ally – UK – in spite of specifically being asked to follow them in using their support.
  8. Interfering with the judicial process of another country


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