Allied forces attack Libya – WW3?

Us and Company are calling themselves Allied Forces these days and have now attacked Cuba, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen Libya. Yep. For sure. They have attacked Libya. Funny. I always remember the world wars when I think of Allied forces – and the Axis of evil of course.

For a force committed to peacekeeping, they sure start a lot of wars. Worse, they know how to enter a war, they rarely have an exit plan. I fully expect Libya to become another Afghanistan, simply because these guys don’t know how to stop. Parking lot, while mercenaries and ammunition factories eat up the American tax money.

Okay, Ghadafi is evil. He is killing his citizens. Sure. Someone remind me how many times Allied forces freed those people dying in Sudan? Or are those not humans or deserving of liberty? Incredible how some countries are more equal than others.

I am nor disappointed in this, simply because it was pretty much guaranteed that US and Company would be striking somewhere or the other. I fail to see how they are going to use fighter planes and cruise missiles and distinguish between people on the ground? Anyone taking bets on when their joint forces enter Libya on the ground?

How does it help the Libyans to have their country bombed?

I am not supporting dictatorship, or attacks on civilians by their own governments. However, it is far more worrying than even Al Qaeda that the mightiest power in the world has one solution for all ills – war. Libya is a piddly little mark on the map. I’d bet that a vast majority of people in the world have never heard of the place. On the other hand, America is the most powerful country in the world currently, even if it is now diminishing out of its own folly. We have been seeing how they have flaunted laws and norms in countries around the world, the UN itself. What is their moral authority to do these things?

The only two good things I can think of right now are that thank goodness Japan’s nuclear crisis would have become worse if bombed and thank goodness India, Russia and China have the good sense to condemn this attack.

As for India, this just goes to show that when they are not obsessed with fleecing the country and vote bank power plays, they do have a functioning moral compass.

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