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Asaram Bapu’s insane supporters

Asaram Bapu stands accused of raping a minor girl, daughter of his followers, in the name of treating her. This is not the first time his name has come up with warped sexual rites and even dead bodies. His supporters on the other and are determined to see no wrong. BJP politicians have embarrassed the… Read More »

Conversations around women empowerment and safety in public

This post is based on a long series of tweets and conversation on Twitter based on yesterday’s article about how there is disproportionate paranoia about safety of women at the hands of Govindas participating in the dahi handi. India has lost touch with what celebrating Indians sound like till it is all a rowdy threat.… Read More »

Demonizing Govindas and Dahi Handi as unsafe for women

Dahi handi has this reputation of being unsafe for women. DNA even went ahead and published an article over it. “Is Dahi Handi day safe for women?” it asks and proceeds to answer it as “No” using canned concerns women express about safety. It is a template, right? Women are not safe at the hands… Read More »

Embracing the testosterone overload

Men on the whole seem to be more physical than women, and today is a good time to realize it, looking at wiry, sweaty bodies coming together into highly skilled pyramids in a timeless enactment of a mythological trait. Yet this is a day well condemned for a variety of reasons, most of them a… Read More »