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Alternative ideas for the future

A collective, cooperative for feminists. A commune. Men, women any gender can live, but the idea that the genders have equal rights should be at the foundation. Fundamental rights must be upheld. This means the right to food, clothing and shelter too. The community, beyond being a refuge to people in need should be a… Read More »

Crowdsourcing the future

It has been a while since I have problems with my husband. Every time I tried to walk out, I thought I may not be able to, without support. Depended on parents, depended on miracles, didn’t work. Perhaps a part of me was not ready to take the step. I thought of parents, in-laws, old… Read More »

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Trolling down BJP lane

Last Christmas morning London was surprised to see Eid trending ahead of Christmas in twitter. Later it turned to be the work of an Islamic right wing group. Right wing groups can organize and mobilize far better than others, and the misinformed tend to be militant. In India, communalism and secularism have been extremely politicized… Read More »