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Absolute free speech is a myth – get over it already

There is no such thing as absolute free speech. There is always a line that must not be crossed. And it varies for people. The more bigotted the society, the more disparity in the “allowed” speech. The more polarized the society, the more the need to censor speech in the interests of public safety, because… Read More »

Scented Handwash: BJP supporters struggle for Freedom of Speech

I have lampooned our government often over censorship and it is a Congress Government [each word is one among dozens of links on this blog criticizing our government on regimenting free speech]. This is because it is the UPA government in power. The BJP aint smelling sweet on this though I made the mistake of ignoring them.… Read More »

India Blocks

India blocked some 309 urls yesterday between Facebook, Twitter, blog posts and entire sites, the details of which are not known, but CIS-India who got a copy of the leaked list has put up an excellent post by Pranesh Prakash examining the information available. In the meanwhile, Twitter is full of new born free speech… Read More »

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