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Save money, pay your maid less

This is advice I have got often, and from women. You are paying your maid too much. Cut down. My financial woes are no secret. Also it is no secret that I am hoping to move from “can’t-make-ends-meet” to saving enough money to move out. Work in progress. I have reasonably well off relatives, some… Read More »

The broken online banking and what they don’t tell you

Yash K S is a software developer. In the last year or so, his interest in identification methods led to him discovering a vulnerability in online banking that can allow a malicious attacker to use attacks like Man in the Middle or Man in the Browser to steal money from bank accounts. He published his… Read More »

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Electronic Cigarettes: Getting off the smoke

I am a fairly heavy smoker, and have been wanting to quit smoking for a long time. I quit easily enough, but I enjoy smoking too, and end up right back later. I had earlier tried shifting to electronic cigarettes, but it didn’t work. Then, I got a better electronic cigarette from Smokefree, and it… Read More »

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