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Women on the board

I saw this tweet by UN women, and RTing it was a no brainer. It was an interesting observation, particularly since there are growing voices about sexism among software related professionals. A few months back, at some Indian coders gathering (I forget) someone had made a comment about women mistaking the room for the kitchen.… Read More »

An Appeal to support AamJanata blog

I need funds if I have to be able to continue blogging. I have been trying to avoid this point for a long time, but now I must earn while being able to blog, or I must take up a job – in which case, given a special needs child and job, I am unlikely… Read More »

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Tehelka should file a PIL against Government of India

In 2001, Tehelka did a sting operation called Operation Westend, where they pretended to be trying to sell thermal imaging binoculars and wanted to secure defense purchases. Recording all their interactions with hidden cameras, they ended up with an astonishing expose of some 34 people bought out on tape to sell a product to the… Read More »

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