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Quit Nuclear Power – Part 2: Optimizing use of existing electricity production

The Central Electricity Authority issues an annual report describing the electricity situation of the country. The latest available information is the monthly power supply report for February 2012, which says our total Peak (MW) requirement was 128,680MW, availability was 113,086MW, so we had a shortfall of 15,594MW or 12.1%. Our Energy (MU) requirement was 861,591,… Read More »

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Get out of the dark ages – Quit Nuclear Power – Part 1: The Cost

Is it time for India to Quit Nuclear Power? Once, US stunned the world with the power of nuclear bombs. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed, and a messy war abruptly ended. Then, atomic energy could also be used for peaceful purposes! India was a newborn country with little more than a reputation for crippling poverty… Read More »

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Census Data Houselisting and Housing

Number of Census Houses  Data Type Houselist Item Total No Rural No Urban No Total % Rural % Urban % Census Houses Total number of census houses 330,835,767 220,695,914 110,139,853 100 100 100 Census Houses Total number of vacant census houses 24,672,968 13,579,338 11,093,630 7.5 6.2 10.1 Census Houses Total number of occupied census houses… Read More »

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